Getting Started
Adding Accounts

Adding a new domain in WHM

Before you can start creating accounts you need to create some packages. A package defines the amount of resources you would like to give accounts. For more on creating packages see: Creating Packages

You only need to add account for additional domains. Your main domain (the one you used when signing up) has already been set-up.

Log into WHM:

You can access WHM from your domain or the ip address of the server:


A pop-up box will appear looking for a username and password. You use the username and password you choose when signing up for an account with

In the menu on the left there is a link ‘Create a New Account’ click this.

The following page will give you a form to fill in, in order to create the account.

The important elements are:

  • Enter domain in the format: (NO WWW, NO HTTP://)
  • Enter a username (an easy to remember username is the first 8 letters of the domain)
  • Choose a password.
  • DO NOT tick the ip box
  • Choose a package from the drop down box.
  • Make any edits to the quotas etc..
  • Leave IP Address as 'Auto Assign'
  • Click 'CREATE'

Once you click 'Create' you must wait for the next page to load fully. It will output a long list of text (which is not important) scroll down and wait until 'Account creatation complete!!!' appears.

Flash Tutorial

View a flash tutorial on creating accounts