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Changing DNS

Changing Domain Name Servers

When you move domains from one server to another, or when you are setting up a new domain on your server, you need to change the DNS for the domain so it knows where to find the new server.

To do this, go the place where you registered the domain. Log into the members area. The domain registration sites differ but there should be something along the lines of ‘Change DNS’ or ‘Change Nameservers.’ These may be in a domain management area.

Select the domain you wish to move to your server and edit the nameservers. You will have been given the details of the your nameservers in the welcome email.


Some domain registration sites will require both the nameservers and the IPs which go with them. Others will only need the nameservers ( and

You now need to allow the changes to propagate throughout the internet. Although this process is getting faster, it can take up to 72 hours depending on the registrar.

Before you set change the nameservers on a domain make sure you have registered your personal nameservers.

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