Common Questions

The Most common questions asked…

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1. How long has been in business? began trading in November 1999. Our products have evolved since then.

2. Where is the Data Center based?

The data center is based in Los Angeles, California. You can find more information on our datacenter page.

3. Once I order, how long before my account is set up?

You will have your welcome email within 24 hours. Usually much faster.

4. If I am not happy with the service you provide can I have my money back?

This will not happen. It is our goal to ensure the happiness of all our customers. However, to provide you with peace of mind. We offer a ‘no questions asked’ 15 day money back guarantee.

5. How long does it take for support questions to me answered?

All tickets are answered within an hour. However, it is usually much faster – often within minutes.

6. Do you provide Windows Based hosting?

No. Due to the extra stability, flexibility and reliability of Linux, we only offer Linux hosting.

7. How do I manage email accounts for my domain.

Each domain you add to your account will have its own control panel – CPanel. With CPanel you can manage all aspects of your domain including set up email account, auto responders, email forwards etc.

8. Did you say each domain get its own CPanel?

Yes. That’s right, every domain you add to your account gets its own control panel, for an idea of what the CPanel can do have a look at this thread.

9. How can I see how much space each domain is using?

You can view both space and bandwidth used in Web Host Manager, which comes with each account. In webhost manager, you can also see a list of all domain hosted.

10. How can I divide my space?

You can divide your space between domains any way you like. You can also oversell your space which give you more control.

11. If use up all my allotted space what happens?

You will be notified by email that your account is full. You can then either look at you account to make sure the space isn’t being used by unnecessary files or you can upgrade to the next plan. You can upgrade your account at any time, it requires no work from you and will not interrupt your service.

12. What if I reach the maximum of the highest plan?

Should this happen we will create a custom plan for you. Send in a support ticket and we will give you a quotation for a custom plan. Note: The only custom plans we create are those larger than our largest plan.

13. Is FrontPage included on your servers?

Yes. You can use FrontPage 98, 2000 and 2002 with the latest FrontPage Server Extensions.

14. Do the plans include Fantastico?

Yes. For more information on the scripts which are available through fantastico visit our plans page.

15. I have another question, what do I do?

You can post a thread in this, the pre-sales forum, or you can send us an email