Getting Started
Creating Nameservers

Registering your personal nameservers

If you have chosen to use personalised nameservers you will need to register them with your domain registrar. There should be no cost to do this and it is usually an automated process, but requires 24-48 hours for them to propagate.

In your welcome email (the email you receive when you sign up at you will receive information similar to the following:

  • Personalised Nameservers for *ALL* your domains -
  • Primary Server Hostname :
  • Dedicated IP address :
  • Secondary Server Hostname :
  • Dedicated IP address:

(where is the domain you signed up with)

You now need to go to the registrar where you registered the domain in this example we use

Log into your account and find a link to nameservers. Then click on create nameserver (or similar)

You will be brought to a form which is used to create a new nameserver. We use and In this case you need to fill in the ns1 and the IP address we have given you for ns1.

Click create and then move onto creating the second nameserver –

If you are using a different registrar the process will be similar. If you have any problems post a question in the support forums or send in a support ticket.

We will help you register your nameservers.