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BlueWho.com operates servers in the world reknown One Wilshire Building, in Los Angeles, California.

General Information

Where is my website?

Your hosting account is located on a server. A server is in many ways similar to the desktop pc you are sitting at. However, it is designed to operate continually. More than likely your desktop is using a version of windows. Our servers, however do not use the Windows operating system, instead, for increased stability and security we use Linux. The server is then placed in one of the cabinets shown, providing it a direct connection to the internet.

Server Room

The Environment

As servers run continuously, they generate a lot of heat. Just think of how hot your desktop or notebook gets after a couple of hours! In order to prevent this heat from damaging the components of the server, the whole building need to be kept at a very low temperature. Hence these massive air-conditioning units.

Server Room


Obviously most (if not all) data centers run off utility power, due to the high usage of power 24/7 they usually have a direct dedicated cable to the local transformer. However, as we all know, Utility power is not fail safe, it tends to fail every now and again for one reason or another. It is for this reason that a data center needs a backup plan. Both datacenters have numerous Backup Diesel Generators which can be used to power the facility should the power fail. However, it takes time to get a generator running so for this reason they also have Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) which kicks in automatically should utility power go down. UPS, is in simple terms a battery supply capable of keeping the facility running for a period of time.

Server Room


Within the Data Center environment, security must be taken seriously. This involves both Physical and Network security. The Data Center is a secure area, requiring authorized access by fingerprint recognition, there is also 24/7 onsite security personal and hi-tech security monitoring systems.

Server Room


Due to the nature of a Data Center (high heat generation, UPS, generators, large density of electrical components) there is always a danger of a fire. As you can imagine, a fire in a data center would be similar to a bull in… (do I need to finish it?) For this reason both datacenters have invested large sums of money in fire detection and suppression systems.

Fire Security Room

Datacenter 3, Los Angeles, California: