Getting Started
Uploading Files

Upload your files

The easiest way to upload files to your account is via FTP.

Where do I get an FTP program?

If you do not already have an FTP program on your computer they are available to download online. Some are free and others cost only a small amount. Have a look at

An easy to use FTP client for newbies is WS_FTP LE it is free and very easy to use, you can download it free from

How do I log on to my account using FTP?

Open your FTP client, click for a new profile. In the popup box enter a profile name (anything), then the hostname which is Enter your username and password, which are the same as the username and password for logging into CPanel (i.e. the ones you created in WHM.) Then connect by clicking ok.

The program was are using here is WS FTP LE, on the left of the screen the files on your computer are shown, on the right you will see the files for this domain on the server. On the right open the ‘Public_HTML’ folder. This is where you should place your website files.

What if my domain hasn’t resolved to the new server yet?

While you are waiting for your domain to proprogate it is still possible to use FTP, for host name, instead of use the IP address of the server which was included in your welcome email.