Why Choose Us?

High performance servers in a world-renowned telecom facility.
Our helpdesk is staffed 24/7 to help you with any technical problems.
All our servers have shared SSL installed.
Each plan comes equipped with two dedicated IP addresses.
Fantastico & RVSkin
Install scripts with just a few clicks and customize your control panel.
No hard storage and bandwidth limits. Resellers can actually USE all they have.

Taking Hosting to the next level

BlueWho stands out from the crowd. If you're in the market for reseller hosting, make sure your host provides these very important features that we do.

IP Addresses for Private Nameservers

Every BlueWho reseller account comes equipped with two dedicated IP addresses, which can be used to register private nameservers. Additionally, our resellers usually use the first as a dedicated IP for their main site and the second one as a shared IP address for their resold accounts. On most shared servers, all domains run off the main server IP address. This can cause problems with security and DOS attacks, for that reason we do things a bit different. Domains under BlueWho reseller accounts can be run off the second IP, thus shielding you from such attacks.

Powerful Overselling capacities

We allow our resellers to oversell both space and bandwidth, enabling them to get the maximum out of their account. For example, if a host does not allow overselling then the reseller will only be able to divide their 1000MB reseller account into ten 100MB resold accounts, even if these ten accounts only use 75MB between them. With a BlueWho 1000MB account you can create as many 100MB accounts as you wish provided the total amount actually USED does not exceed 1000MB. Overselling is important in the reseller hosting business as most of your customers will only use a small proportion of their allotted resources.

24/7 Technical Support

We offer 24/7 technical support to all of our clients.  We work around the clock and have an award winning team behind the scenes.  Our staff is comprised of Level 3 System Administrators who fully understand the need to get top notch support at any hour.  The internet never sleeps, and that is why we are always here for you, day and night.  

Powerful Intel Servers

We at Bluewho only utilize top of the line servers, high calibre servers.   We want your sites to load as fast as possible and not have any delay.  All new servers are Dual Woodcrest Supermicro Supermachines with 4GB RAM and RAID 5.  This amazing specification ensures only the highest level of service for you.

Fantastico and RVSkin

In an effort to provide our clients with as many goodies as possible, we have installed some very popular software.  Fantastico De Luxe is the leading autoinstaller for cPanel servers. You can install many of the webs most widely used scripts with the click of a button.  The One click install is great for web developers as well as web site owners alike.  Rvskin allows you to control the look and feel of your control panel.  At the click of a button, you can upsell services, and sitebuilders!

Shared SSL

Shared SSL is a system we employ whereby all users on a server will have access to a secure certificate to engage in e-commerce. This certificate is shared among all users on the server. While we would advise a successful e-commerce site to purchase its own SSL certificate, Shared SSL is a great solution when starting out or when testing a site. This service is available to all resellers as well as their resold accounts at no cost.


SSH is a way to communicate with a Linux server. Although it isn't essential to have SSH access to a server in order to host a website, SSH gives you much more control over your actions and enables you to do things much faster than FTP or CPanel. Unlike many other hosts, BlueWho allows SSH access to shared accounts.

So some questions to ask other hosts:

  1. How many IPs come with an account?
  2. Are my domains (other than mthe main domain) run off server IP or an IP dedicated to me?
  3. Do you allow overselling?
  4. What happens if I go over my bandwidth allowance?
  5. Do you offer shared SSL?
  6. Do you allow SSH access?

Unlimited Domains

 Host as many domains as you like under your hosting plan, the only limits are the space and bandwdith!


Making more money is what everyone wants to do. By allowing you to oversell, that means more money will be in YOUR pocket!